Tampa Bay Celebrates Jelly Week

Tampa Bay is celebrating WW Jelly Week by sponsoring a day of open coworking on Wednesday January 18th co-hosted by Tampa Bay WaVE and IdeaField Coworking. If you are in the downtown area, ditch your normal office or coffee shop and join us for a much more energetic work environment. Come to collaborate with others in the tech community or just feel free to grab a chair, some coffee and some WiFi.

Starting at 1:00 we will host a Tech Rant. This is an open agenda round table discussion on tech in Central Florida – what’s working, what’s not.


Wednesday January 18th
9:00 – 4:30
Tampa Bay WaVE
401S. Florida Ave (2nd floor above Gulf Shores Bank)
Call from lobby elevator for access to office
1-866 WaVE-066 or 1-866-928-3066